Challenge Sign-Up: New to You Reading Challenge

New To You Square
Dates of Challenge: January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016
Ok. I swear this is the last challenge for 2016 that I’m signing-up for. I think I only read about 3 authors last year who were new to me. So, I’m aiming to change that this year.
My Goal: Level 3 (Wading In):
25 books 
Here’s some of the potential “new to me” authors I’m aiming to read:
  • Sarah J. Maas
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Lucy Knisley
  • Gloria Steinem
  • Leigh Bardugo
  • Kristi Charish

29 thoughts on “Challenge Sign-Up: New to You Reading Challenge

    • I think I’m really going to like Leigh Bardugo. I just started Six of Crows and am really enjoying it so far.

      I’m excited to read a Maas book too. I’m currently waiting for ACoTaR from the library.


  1. This sounds like a fun challenge! I see some authors on your list that I need to try out as well. I don’t think I’ll join any more challenges, but I’ll be rooting you on from the sidelines:-) Good luck!

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  2. So this challenge is to discover new authors? I recognize most of the authors names you’ve listed, but haven’t read any… You’re also looking into reading more fantasy it seems 🙂

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    • I think this challenge is to discover anything that’s “new to you”. I’m picking to do author’s I haven’t read yet, but I think you could do genres or series as well.

      And yup! I’m looking to read a little more fantasy this year. 😀


    • Thanks, Lynn! It’s probably a good idea to think about what challenges to join/you might want to join first. I kind of just went “ooo! Shiny!” and joined several. 😛


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