Review: Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton


Good Morning, Midnight
Author: Lily Brooks-Dalton
Published: 2016
Genre: Fantasy/Dystopian
Series: N/A
Rating: C+

When you’ve sacrificed everything for your career, how do you make sense of life once civilization falls and everything you’ve striven for no longer matters? This is a question that aging astronomer Augustine and a group of astronauts have to ask themselves when they discover they’re among the small handful of survivors at the end of the world.

When the evacuation party came to remove Augustine from his post at a research facility in the Arctic, he refused to leave. He had accepted the position with the knowledge that he would eventually die there and had no intention of changing his plans. When he discovers a young girl left behind, he has to accept a responsibility he has been avoiding his entire adult life. Continue reading

ARC Review: Soulbound by Kristen Callihan


Author: Kristen Callihan
Release Date: Feb. 24th 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Darkest London #6
Rating: B +

Soulbound is Kristen Callihan’s 6th Darkest London book. It’s also, unfortunately, the second to last book in the series.

Adam, the GIM King, has spent centuries searching for his soul mate. When he’s called to make Eliza May into one of his GIM, he knows he’s finally found her. Eliza is the one person who could lift the curse Queen Mab placed on him all those years ago. Panicked at the thought of losing her, Adam makes the mistake of chaining Eliza to his side. After months locked in a silent battle Eliza manages to escape, only to run straight into Mab’s clutches. Now they must work together in order to defeat Mab once and for all. Continue reading

ARC Review: Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

dead heat

Dead Heat
Author: Patricia Briggs
Release Date: March 3rd 2015
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Alpha and Omega #4
Rating: B –

Dead Heat is the long awaited fourth book in Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series. While this series can be read without reading the Mercy Thompson books (to which it has strong ties), I would highly recommend reading the Alpha and Omega stories in order, due to the world’s politics.

Taking a trip down to Arizona to buy a horse and see an old friend should’ve been a simple journey for mated werewolves, Anna and Charles Cornick. Unfortunately, things rarely go as planned for the pair, as they quickly find themselves in the middle of an investigation. Something has been hunting children in town and has made the mistake of attacking a family considered Pack. All signs are pointing to the Fae, even though they’ve all quarantined themselves away. Anna and Charles will have to step lightly as they look into the attack to avoid tipping the scales on the cold war between the Fae and humans.

At this point in the series, most of the dust between Anna and Charles has settled. They seem to have reached a point in their relationship where they’re both feeling secure and that shows here. There’s some mild tension between them about the possibility of a baby, but that takes an extreme backseat compared to the other things happening. I’m a huge fan of internal conflict between protagonists, so I definitely missed the tension in Charles and Anna’s relationship throughout Dead Heat.
Continue reading

ARC Review: Unbearable Desire by Vivi Andrews

unbearable desire

Unbearable Desire
Author: Vivi Andrews
Release Date: May 19, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Lone Pine Pride #4
Rating: B+

Unbearable Desire is the fourth book in Vivi Andrews Lone Pine Pride series. After reading and enjoying Andrews’ Serengeti Shifters series, I was pretty excited to dive into this one.

Over a decade ago, Moira had a brief fling with Hugo, a fellow bear shifter. When he invited her to join the Lone Pine Pride, she had believed that he was inviting her to share his life. Her hopes were dashed when she arrived on his doorstep a week later. Hugo hadn’t meant to give Moira the impression that they would be together, because his heart already belonged to another. Despite the rejection and humiliation, Moira decided to stay with the pride and to build a life for herself. Over ten years later, Hugo is starting to regret his decision but isn’t sure how to go about mending fences. Continue reading

Figure of Speech

figure of speech

Figure of Speech
Author: Dana Marie Bell
Publish Date: March 3rd 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Halle Shifters #4
Rating: C

Figure of Speech is the 4th book in Dana Marie Bell’s Halle Shifter’s series.

Fox shifter, Chloe, has been pining after Jim Woods for four years. After nothing but constant rejection, Jim is finally ready to admit to the bond he shares with Chloe. There’s nothing standing in their way now, except a barrage of hunters and mercenaries targeting Chloe.

Dana Marie Bell is great at getting you invested in the side characters who populate her stories. So, after seeing all of Jim and Chloe’s angst in the previous books, I was pretty excited about reading their story. Unfortunately, I was a little let down by the direction their book took. Continue reading

Light My Fire


Light My Fire

Author: G.A. Aiken

Publish Date: November 25, 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: Dragon Kin, book 7

Rating: C +

When I finished reading book six in G.A. Aiken’s “Dragon Kin” series (How to Drive a Dragon Crazy) I had told myself that I wouldn’t be picking up the next book. However, when Light My Fire popped-up as a title on NetGalley I couldn’t resist giving one more story in this series a shot.

After capturing Elina Shestakova (an Outerplains woman) for attempted regicide, Celyn promptly drops her off at the local jail and proceeds to completely forget about her for about a year. His memory is jogged, however, when there is talk of negotiating a truce between the Southlanders and Outerplains tribe. Elina is swiftly removed from jail and sent as a mediator with Celyn as her back-up.

For fans of the series, they’ll recognize Celyn as the dragon who had a brief affair with the heroine from the previous book, Izzy, and nearly got himself killed over it. Celyn was the highlight of this book for me as I enjoyed how flustered Elina’s mannerisms and expressions made him throughout the story. Elina herself was an interesting character, however the constant caveman structure of her sentences drove me insane.

My main issue with Light My Fire was that I had a lot of trouble remaining engaged with the story. A large part of this is because the characters are so flippant about everything. It’s extremely rare when any of them take anything seriously, which is what a lot of the humor relies on. However, it becomes hard to care about what is going on in the plot when the characters don’t care about what is happening. At times a character will take something very seriously but it will often be balanced with the others trivializing their reaction/concern. So there’s not a whole lot of emotional stakes in the story, which doesn’t really work for me when the book is a romance.

Bottom line, if you’re a fan of the series, I would suggest picking this one up. However, if you’re looking to get into the series, I would suggest starting with one of the earlier books first since there’s a lot of previous main characters and mentions of past plot points floating around.

Ebook provided by Netgalley and the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review.

Otherworld Nights by Kelley Armstrong

Otherworld Nights: An Anthology
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publish Date: October 28 2014

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Series: Women of the Otherworld, anthology collection #3
Rating: A

Otherworld Nights: An Anthology is the third collection of short stories Kelley Armstrong has written for her Women of the Otherworld series. All of which have been previously published with the exception of the last story Vanishing Act which features Savannah and Adam. It was great to dive back into the series. Armstrong is an author who I have absolutely no issue going back and re-reading her work. So, despite already having read most of these stories, I thoroughly enjoyed this collection.

Fans of Elena and Clay (Bitten, Stolen, Broken, Frostbitten) will love that there are two very well fleshed-out stories and one quick short featuring the pair. Stalked was originally published in My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon and was probably my favorite out of the three because they left the kids at home. This made the dynamic between them a little more reminiscent of the early books in the series, which I’ll admit I have missed. Hidden was a great novella featuring Clay, Elena, and the kids as they attempted to have a Christmas to themselves. I loved the slow build-up of suspense and how Armstrong handled the personal dilemma Elena was facing concerning the twins. From Russia with Love was a very quick short, which had been included in the hardcover of Thirteen. This one acted as a kind of epilogue for Elena and the Pack. I’ll admit that I haven’t gotten around to reading Thirteen yet, but I don’t think anything was spoiled by reading this.

There were also two more stories which stayed with Armstrong’s werewolves. Chivalrous featured the new recruit, Reese, and told the background of why he needed to run from Australia to seek refuge with the American pack. As a prequel to Bounty Hunt, which will be released in December 2014, it was a good teaser and I look forward to seeing how Reese’s story will continue.

Lucifer’s Daughter is my favorite out of this collection and was originally featured in Blood Lite II: Overbite. The story focuses on Hope and Karl as they deal with an escaped demon at a museum gala. I have a serious soft spot for this pair and loved every minute of their story.

Twilight was originally featured in Many Bloody Returns and centers on Cassandra. I’m not a huge fan of the character, so this was one of the few stories included that I had never read. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. It centers on Cassandra’s fear that her vampiric life may slowly be ending. My only complaint is that it ended rather abruptly and didn’t feel like a lot of the questions raised were concluded.

Demonology was originally published as a free short story on Armstrong’s website. It features Adam’s mother as she goes on a quest to find help and answers for her son. It was interesting, but very short and a little abrupt.

Vanishing Act was the new short story included in this anthology. It features Savannah and Adam as they handle the aftermath of a demon summoning case gone wrong. It was a nice change of pace to get a fully fleshed-out story in the collection that didn’t center on the werewolves. It also worked as a nice incentive for me to pick-up the last three books in the series, which I have been avoiding since I had never gotten into Savannah’s character. However, Armstrong managed to make me interested Savannah and I look forward to going back to read her journey to this point in life.

All in all, a really great collection that any fan of Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series will love.

Ebook provided by Netgalley and the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review