Review: Hunter’s Season


Hunter’s Season
Author: Thea Harrison
Published: 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Elder Races #4.7
Rating: A

Hunter’s Season” is definitely the best out of the Elder Races novellas. While I thoroughly enjoyed all the others, my biggest complaint always centered around how the main plot was handled. The other novellas had fairly large plots and felt like they really should have been full length titles. The result was intricate plots getting wrapped up too easily (“True Colors“), left feeling unfinished (“Natural Evil“), or feeling extremely rushed (“Devil’s Gate“). Luckily, that wasn’t the case here.

Xanthe, a dark fae assassin, is assigned with the task of guarding Chancellor Aubrey Riordan after an attack leaves him near death. While guarding Aubrey, Xanthe finds her long-term crush on him deepening but doubts that he’d find someone of her station attractive.

The plot of this one worked really well, mostly because it was entirely character driven. Things didn’t feel rushed and I loved the slow pace of the relationship development between Aubrey and Xanthe. It felt like we really got to know the characters this time around.

If you’re a fan of Thea Harrison, I would highly recommend reading this one. I’d also suggest checking out one of these novellas if you’re considering starting the Elder Races series. They stand on their own well enough and give you a good idea of Harrison’s writing style.

7 thoughts on “Review: Hunter’s Season

    • lol I’m completely the opposite of you there. I read all of the Tarot Card novellas but haven’t gotten around to reading almost all of the Dragos and Pia ones. I hope you enjoy the Tarot novellas when you get around to reading them!


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  2. I’ve also found that some novellas are too ambitious in terms of plot, so it’s always nice to read one that gets it right. I’ve been interested in the Elder Races books for a while so maybe I’ll pick up one of these novellas!

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