Review: Wicked Ever After


Wicked Ever After
Author: Delilah S. Dawson
Published: 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Blud #4
Rating: C-

Wicked Ever After” is the final book in Deliah S. Dawson’s Blud series. Clocking in at less than 200 pages, this is more of a novella than anything.

The story picks-up a few years after “Wicked as they Come”. Traveling between Sang and Earth has taken its toll on Letitia. Even though she’s only in her 30s, she has the body of a 60 year old. Letting her husband, Criminy, turn her into a bludwoman (basically a vampire) would solve the problem, but it would mean she would never be able to leave Sang. Letitia doesn’t feel like she can just abandon her grandmother, so she devises a way to bring her over. This doesn’t turn out the way Letitia had expected though. Once in the new world, her grandmother declares that she doesn’t want anything to do with Letitia and runs off. Worried, Letitia and Criminy follow. Continue reading