Review: Chasing the Moon by A. Lee Martinez

chasing the moon

Chasing the Moon
Author: A. Lee Martinez
Published: 2011
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: N/A
Rating: B+

A. Lee Martinez is an author I don’t see floating around much, but has some really great stuff out there. His books are humorous fantasy and all standalones. This is great if you’re looking for something light to read that doesn’t mean diving into a new series.

In Chasing the Moon, we follow Diana as she moves into a new apartment and immediately discovers that the amazing flat comes with a hidden cost. Tenants of the building are burdened with some sort of supernatural job. Whether it’s hosting a bat creature in their body, being held prisoner by a tiny hellhound, or (in Diana’s case) having to share the flat with Vom; a monster who’s an unstoppable eating force and liable to devour her some day. Continue reading