Review: Archangel’s Legion by Nalini Singh

archangel's legion

Archangel’s Legion
Author: Nalini Singh
Published: 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Guild Hunter #6
Rating: C-

After a short break from following guild hunter Elena and archangel Raphael, the series returns to focus on these two in Archangel’s Legion. In this one, the couple is trying to stave off a war while hiding how out-of-control Raphael’s powers are becoming.

Whenever it’s an Elena and Raphael story you know something major is going to happen in the series. Despite their books being game changers, I’m never thrilled to see Singh return to the couple. Raphael is a character who is a little too powerful and the fact that he keeps gaining abilities is not helping things. Unfortunately, heaping powers onto main characters is a trend that happens in many long standing urban fantasy and PNR series. While it wasn’t surprising to see Singh go down this route, I was a little disappointed that she did. I would have preferred to see Raphael struggle with losing powers. Raphael has been one of the more powerful angels his entire existence. It would have been much more interesting to see an exploration of him dealing with dwindling powers and trying to maintain his place in the angel hierarchy amidst a war. As it stands, the plot of this one was pretty predictable since, at this point, I’ve seen it done so often.

“Archangel’s Legion” also suffered from slow pacing. There’s a major war brewing, a huge paranormal event happening to powerful angels and vampires have some weird disease. Somehow none of these events felt urgent or threatening. This is mostly because it felt like Elena and Raphael were in their own little protective bubble. Things were happening around them but nothing was really directly threatening them until the last few pages. The vampire sickness wasn’t threatening any of the vampires we had already formed attachments to in the series and the impeding war was taken so lightly that I often forgot it was even a threat. The thing effecting Elena and Raphael the most was the cascade, which was giving powerful angels more power. However, even that direct threat wasn’t too big of a deal because we were constantly reassured that Elena and Raphael’s bond would overcome the impact the cascade was having on him, which made things pretty dull.

Even though I have a lot of complaints about this addition to the series, I can’t be too mad about it. It’s still nice to revisit the Guild Hunter world and Singh’s writing is easy to fall into. Plus, it gave me a feeling of accomplishment since I’m now officially caught-up with this series.

But, in all honesty, if you’re not interested in reading another story about Elena and Raphael you could probably skip this book in the series. I did and was completely fine reading “Archangel’s Shadows” and “Archangel’s Enigma“. The only thing you need to know is that there was a war. However, Singh is returning to Elena and Raphael again in the upcoming release of “Archangel’s Heart“. So, if you’re wanting to read that book you may need to check-out this one to understand some small developments about the couple.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Archangel’s Legion by Nalini Singh

    • Yeah, where the series stands right now, I’d say after you read the first 3 books in the series (which all feature Raphael and Elena) you can skip the rest of their books. I just finished “Archangel’s Heart” which features the couple again and thought it was pretty boring as well. Definitely still give the series a shot though. The first three books and quite a few of the others in the series are great.


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