Read it or Ditch it: The Lolita Effect

read it or ditch it

“Read it or Ditch it” is a new weekly feature I’ll be doing each Monday on the blog. The goal is to force myself into making a decision regarding some titles on my TBR pile. Each week I’ll select a book that has sat unread on my shelves for longer than a year and ask the question “Read it or Ditch it?”. If I still want to read it, then by posting it here I’m claiming that I’ll read it by the end of the year. If I’m no longer interested in the book, then this is a send off to the title since I’ll either be donating or selling it.

At the end of the year, I’ll do a round-up post to see how I did. If there are any titles that I said I’d read, but still didn’t, then I’ll either donate or sell those. Hopefully, doing this will help me reach my goal of only 100 books sitting unread on my TBR pile by the end of 2016.



The Lolita Effect
Author: M. Gigi Durham
Published: 2008
Genre: Non-Fiction
Length of Time on TBR Pile: About 7 years.
Read it or Ditch it?: Ditch it

This is one of my gender studies books, that I just never gotten around to reading. Even though this one looks interesting, I think I’m going to ditch it.

In case you’re interested in the summary:

Pop culture—and the advertising that surrounds it—teaches young girls and boys five myths about sex and sexuality:

-Girls don’t choose boys; boys choose girls–but only sexy girls.
-There’s only one kind of sexy: slender, curvy, white beauty.
-Girls should work to be that type of sexy.
-The younger a girl is, the sexier she is.
-Sexual violence can be hot.

Together, these five myths make up the Lolita Effect, the mass media trends that work to undermine girls’ self-confidence, that condone female objectification, and that tacitly foster sex crimes. But identifying these myths and breaking them down can help girls learn to recognize progressive and healthy sexuality and protect themselves from degrading media ideas and sexual vulnerability. In The Lolita Effect, Dr. M. Gigi Durham offers breakthrough strategies for empowering girls to make healthy decisions about their own sexuality.


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