Review: Storm, vol 1: Make it Rain

storm make it rain

Storm, vol 1: Make it Rain
Writer: Greg Pak
Illustrator: Victor Ibanez and Matteo Buffagni
Published: 2015
Genre: Comic
Rating: A –

Storm has always been an X-man that’s interested me. Her backstory and powers are really fascinating. So, I was excited to dive into Storm, vol 1: Make it Rain, especially when I found out that Greg Pak was the writer.

There isn’t really a cohesive plot running through this collection. It’s mostly Storm attempting to find her footing and discovering that the old ways aren’t always the best. The description of the volume makes it sound like this entire volume is her mourning the death of Wolverine, but really that’s only the very last part of the collection. If you haven’t been following the death of wolverine arc, you’re going to be a little confused here. 

The difficult thing with giving Storm her own series is that she’s still pretty active in some currently running arcs. So, these stories are a little disjointed as they’re taking place in-between the other series’ events. The short vignette style of this collection worked fine for me, but I can see why it might not work for others.

Despite the disjointed feel, I really enjoyed focusing on Storm and following her as she discovers new things about herself and enters a new phase in her life. The artwork is also pretty great, I love Storm’s design (hell yeah to the mohawk). However, there’s one section of this where the illustration style suddenly switches to an almost Disney look, which I hated.

If you’re curious about Storm, I would recommend checking this out. It’s an interesting delve into her world. I already have the next volume on hold from the library.

9 thoughts on “Review: Storm, vol 1: Make it Rain

  1. I haven’t read anything X-Men related in a long time but this looks good. I always liked Storm. And yes to the mohawk look- always liked that version. 🙂 I do kinda hate Marvel’s tendency to have almost cartoony looking art at times- their art seems very hit or miss lately. Kinda a weird trend.

    Storm’s background gives her a lot of potential to be explored, seems like. I’d love to see them delve into her ability to control weather- how it’s a part of who she is. It’s such a powerful ability- does she have a hard time controlling it, for instance? There’s so much they could explore.

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    • Yeah the cartoon-y/Disney look randomly stuck in the middle of this volume was odd and a little off-putting. I was glad when it switched back.

      I know! Storm’s background has a ton of potential to give her a really great solo comic, but I feel like they’re not going to go that route here since she’s so active in other arcs. They do explore her ability to control weather and how she sometimes struggles with it when her emotions are too high, but they didn’t go into too much depth about it. I’m hoping the next volume goes into it a little more.


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