Film Friday: Spaced

Programme Title: Spaced

Release Year: 
1999 – 2001
Running Time: 
a little over 5 hours

Spaced is a BBC show that aired for two seasons and has a bit of a cult following. I came across this show randomly a few years ago when it was on Netflix. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available to stream but if you can track it down, it’s definitely worth a watch.

The plot goes thusly, after finding themselves at loose ends, new acquaintances Tim (Simon Pegg) and Daisy (Jesscia Hynes) decide to pose as a couple in order to lease an apartment from a landlady looking to rent to a professional couple. While living together, they begin to build a solid friendship as they both, in their own way, try to avoid stepping fully into the normal responsibilities that come with age.


I really love this series. Each episode is filled with random bits of pop culture and visual gags that are fantastic to pick out. It’s one of those shows where you tend to notice something different with each watching. What really makes the series though, and binds all the episodes together, is Daisy and Tim’s slowly evolving friendship. They sort of find common ground with each other as they’re both attempting to hold onto a certain lifestyle as they get older. Tim is struggling with his aspiration to be a comic book artist and is pretty content with his job at a local comic book store. While Daisy is mostly attempting to hold onto a no strings lifestyle and battling procrastination in her quest to make a living as a freelance writer.


They’re both lovable characters that you want to see succeed, so watching them force each other into taking very minor (and reluctant) baby steps into moving forward is pretty satisfying.


Even though the show is a sitcom, there’s still a lot of heart to it. The characters genuinely care for each other and it’s great to watch them slowly mature into their various relationships, even when they continuously fail at life due to their resistance to step fully into adulthood.

Spaced (1)

If you haven’t watched this series and like off-beat humor, I would highly recommend this. Fans of the Cornetto trilogy will be especially interested in tracking this one down as the series is directed by Edgar Wright and, aside from featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, has a lot of other familiar faces from those movies sprinkled throughout.

11 thoughts on “Film Friday: Spaced

  1. Okay, how have I never heard of this??? I love the Cornetto trilogy, especially Hot Fuzz, and I adore British comedy series. I just binged The IT Crowd on Netflix and really enjoyed it, although I have to say that there were some very uncomfortable moments of homophobia and sexism – which is weird to think about because it only ended a couple years ago (it was a mid-2000s show). I’ll definitely be checking out Spaced, thanks for the recommendation!

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    • Awesome!!! I hope you love it as much as I do when you watch it. I really love the Cornetto trilogy as well. I have such a hard time deciding if Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead is my favorite. Spaced is definitely worth checking out since you’re a fan of those movies. I think I heard that one of the episodes actually inspired them to create Shaun of the Dead.

      I really liked the IT Crowd as well. I completely agree. For it being a fairly recent TV series, there was a lot of uncomfortable moments like that tossed in there.


  2. This looks fun and something I would definitely watch if I come across it. I can see where a show like this would have a cult following, I bet it’s hilarious if you know all the pop culture/ geeky references.

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