Review: A Lot Like Love by Julie James


A Lot Like Love
Author: Julie James
Published: 2011
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: FBI/US Attorney #2
Rating: B+

A Lot Like Love is the second book in Julie James’ FBI/US Attorney series.  I really loved that this one was set in my hometown of Chicago.

Wine shop owner and heiress, Jordan Rhodes, is approached one night by two FBI agents with an offer she can’t turn down. If she helps them get an undercover agent into a high profile party, they’ll spring her brother from prison. The operation becomes threatened when the target gets jealous of Jordan’s mystery date and hires a private investigator to dig-up some dirt. What was supposed to be a very short deal quickly escalates into Jordan having to pretend she’s deeply involved with an undercover FBI agent.

James writes really fantastic leading females. My favorite thing is that they don’t live in a bubble. They have friends, family and work obligations that don’t immediately get dropped when the hero enters. Jordan, herself, was wonderfully sarcastic and cared about her family. Especially her twin brother who, ridiculously, got tossed in jail for shutting down Twitter.

Nick, the hero, was also great, even if he did sometimes come across as a little bland. He was funny and I liked that you saw him struggle with the idea of a committed relationship and what that means for his career.

If you haven’t read a Julie James book yet, I would highly recommend giving one a try.

5 thoughts on “Review: A Lot Like Love by Julie James

  1. Oh I love when they include other parts of their lives and not just the romantic relationship. It’s nice to see them being real people. I think I have book one in this series. I’ll have to dig around in the shelves 😀

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