Review: Immortal in Death by J.D. Robb

immortal in death

Immortal in Death
Author: J.D. Robb
Published: 1996
Genre: Sci-Fi/Mystery
Series: In Death #3
Rating: C-

Immortal in Death is the third book in J.D. Robb’s In Death series. After reading this one, I’m thinking about skipping a few books ahead to read some of the later ones in the series. These first few books are OK, but I’m not enjoying them as much as I did the later book I read.

In this one, Eve Dallas is faced with a case that hits too close to home. Her best friend, Mavis, is the prime suspect in the brutal murder of a super model. All the evidence points to Mavis being the killer, but Dallas is determined to do everything in her power to prove she’s innocent.

One of the best parts of this book is that we have less Roarke than in the previous two novels. While this might be a downer for some, I’m not a fan of the man, so it was a huge positive for me.

Unfortunately, the mystery plot of Immortal in Death is rather lack luster. In part, this is due to the fact that a huge amount of emphasis is placed on getting ready for Dallas’ wedding. I got really tired of reading about the dress fittings, makeovers and everything else that went along with the impending ceremony. It killed the suspense for me when Dallas would get dragged away to have her hair done or to look at wedding dress fabric.

I also thought that Mavis being the prime suspect in a murder case should have been given more weight. Eve should have faced a lot more suspicion being the primary on a case where her best friend was a prime suspect. Especially since Eve and Roarke instantly posted bail for Mavis and let her move in with them. Instead, Mavis’ involvement is taken care of rather neatly and hardly anyone questions Eve’s personal connection to the potential killer.

Even though I had some issues with the book, this was still a fairly enjoyable read. The futuristic and gritty world Robb has built makes even a lack luster addition to the series fun to read.

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