Thanksgiving TV Shows

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I hope you all enjoy the holiday. If you’re looking for something to watch that will put you in the spirit of the holiday and help fight back the X-mas stuff for one more day, here are my top 10 turkey day themed TV episodes that are available to stream on Netflix.



Buffy Season 4, “Pangs”

Season 4 was a little hit or miss, but this is a great episode. The gang (plus a captive Spike) find themselves suffering from a curse while Buffy tries to have a normal Thanksgiving.


Roseanne Season 2, “We Gather Together”

I absolutely love Roseanne. The show is probably best known for its Halloween episodes, but I have a deep affection for this Thanksgiving one. It does an excellent job of capturing the chaos of the holiday.

Both sides of the Dan and Roseanne’s family gather under one roof and do their best to drive each other crazy. Roseanne tries to just deal with it all and Jackie hides that she’s joined the police force from her parents.


Frasier Season 4, “A Lilith Thanksgiving”

I just recently got into Frasier. While this isn’t the best episode, it’s pretty entertaining. Niles and Marty are charged with watching Frasier’s son, Frederick, while Frasier and his ex-wife are off trying to impress someone.


Cheers Season 5, Thanksgiving Orphans

I dug this episode out just for this list. In all honesty, I haven’t watched very much Cheers, so I’m not familiar with all the dynamics between characters. However, I still enjoyed this episode. Most of the gang is flying solo for Thanksgiving, so Diane suggests that they all spend the day together at Carla’s. This is a nice found family episode that ends in the typical chaos of a sitcom.


Friends Season 3, “The One with the Football”

Friends is the king of Thanksgiving episodes and they’re all pretty great. It was hard to pick just one, but this one screams Thanksgiving the most to me. Ross and Monica get into one of their sibling squabbles that results in the whole gang playing a game of football on Thanksgiving.


Scrubs Season 1 “My Day Off”

I used to watch Scrubs religiously. In this one, it’s Thanksgiving and JD is lucky enough to have the day off. Too bad he comes down with appendicitis and ends up having to spend the day as a patient at where he works. While not overflowing with Thanksgiving-y things, this is still a nice episode.


3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2, “Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick”

The Solomons’ struggle to figure out what Thanksgiving is with the help of their landlady and her daughter. 3rd Rock from the Sun had an excellent cast and in this episode everyone really shines. Out of all the shows on this list, this one had me laughing the hardest.


That 70’s Show Season 5 “Thank you”

Do I need to say anything more than Betty White is in this episode? Her character is a hoot and this is worth the watch almost just for that.


Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 “No Fat”

I’m not a huge fan of Everybody Loves Raymond but this was a cute episode. Marie goes on a health kick and subjects the family to a healthy thanksgiving.


The Munsters Season 1 “Low-Cal Munster”

Because…why not? Herman goes on a diet to fit into an old army uniform. Too bad for him the last day of his diet falls on Thanksgiving. While not the best or most Thanksgiving-y episode on this list, it’s still pretty fun.


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