Review: Fangs for the Memories by Molly Harper

Fangs for the Memories

Fangs for the Memories
Author: Molly Harper
Published: 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Half-Moon Hollow #4.5
Rating: B+

Fangs for the Memories is a short story that takes place within the same time period as Molly Harper’s second Jane Jameson book, Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men.

The story focuses on Andrea and Dick Cheney’s (not that Dick Cheney) budding relationship, which we’ve seen slowly evolving on the sidelines in the Jane books. Live blood donor, Andrea, has been trying to ignore her attraction to Dick for quite a while. She’s had enough of smooth talking vampires to last her a lifetime. When one of her clients puts her in a bad situation, Andrea is surprised to find that it’s Dick who steps up to the plate and helps her out.

This is a very cute short story with Andrea and Dick. I loved getting a closer look at both of these characters and seeing that Andrea is just as mischievous as Dick. These two are just so enjoyable to watch interact. It left me hoping (in vain, I think) for a full length book featuring them.

While this is a great treat for fans of Harper’s books, I don’t think I would recommend it to someone who hasn’t read at least the first two Jane books. Since Harper is working within the parameters of what we saw happening on the sidelines in those stories, things jump around a little and there’s not much character development. If you’re looking to test the water with a shorter story before diving into one of Harper’s full length books, I would recommend checking-out the novella Driving Mr. Dead instead.

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