Review: Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost

twice tempted

Twice Tempted
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Published: 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Night Prince #2
Rating: B+

Twice Tempted is the second book in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Prince series, which features Vlad from her main Night Huntress books.

Leila is an ex-circus performer with a psychic gift that has been on the fritz, ever since her last adventure. At the start of the book, she’s tired of her lover, Vlad, constantly keeping her at arms length. When she humiliates herself by misunderstanding a gesture from him, she realizes that he will never let her all the way into his life. No longer content with that arrangement, Leila decides to return to her old life; only to be confronted with the fact that someone is trying to assassinate her. Someone who might just be Vlad, who has never handled a hurt ego very well.

While I enjoyed this book, it kind of falls apart if you start to think about it too much. It’s a fun adventure if you go with the flow though.

I’ve read a lot of reviews where people state that they really dislike Leila. While she’s not the most unique character, I did like her. She’s willing to stand-up for herself and has some unique abilities, which kept her interesting. Despite this, I don’t think she’s right for Vlad.

She’s young and it shows. We’re told that she’s older than she is because of her abilities, but that’s never shown. Her character doesn’t have that kind of weight to her. If she did, I might be convinced that she could be more than just a passing fancy to Vlad. As she is though, her character is too naive for someone as jaded and old as him. This made his abrupt change of heart about their relationship too unbelievable. While I firmly believe that Vlad would go into a relationship no holds barred (once he made up his mind) I had a hard time believing that his change of heart would come at such an easy price. He’s someone that has held onto a certain lifestyle for centuries. So, despite getting a scare, I don’t think he would’ve changed his mind so quickly.

All in all, this was a fun read. I would recommend it if you’re looking for something light. However, if you’re a fan of Vlad from the Night Huntress books, I would recommend you leave any preconceived notions about the character at the door. In Twice Tempted, he’s toned down and turned into a rather average romance hero. Nothing about his personality really sparkles, like it did in the Night Huntress books, but that doesn’t mean this is a bad story. I still enjoyed the ride.

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