Review: Lothaire by Kresley Cole


Author: Kresley Cole
Published: 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Immortals After Dark #12
Rating: D+

Lothaire has found his bride, the woman who brings his body back to life and is his destined mate. The problem is that two souls currently inhabit his bride’s body. One is an evil goddess who lives for blood, violence and all around nefarious deeds. The other is Ellie, a mortal hillbilly who is content to live-out life on her family’s land. Naturally, Lothaire assumes that his bride is the evil goddess and begins planning a way to exterminate Ellie’s soul.

After waking up covered in other people’s blood, Ellie decides that the only way to stop the goddess is to kill the body they share. But every time Ellie devises a way to kill herself, Lothaire seems to know and pops-up out of nowhere to stop her. After one close call, Lothaire decides that the safest place to keep an eye on Ellie is close by. With this in mind, Lothaire hauls Ellie off to New York where she’ll be prisoner until he discovers a way to kill her soul.

So, this story basically ranks up there with A Hunger Like No Other for me. Meaning, I just could not stand how the relationship between Ellie and Lothaire played out. One of my biggest problems is that I don’t usually enjoy stories where the heroine is taken captive by the hero and they fall in love. It typically ends up smacking too much of Stockholm Syndrome.

After taking Ellie prisoner, Lothaire immediately begins emotionally torturing her. He mocks, he sneers, he threatens her family, he laughs, they boink, he mocks, he has a violent episode, he sneers, and so on. While this is happening, Lothaire is hunting for a ring to kill Ellie’s soul. Eventually, he begins to realize that Ellie might actually be his bride, which leads to a few tiny scenes where Lothaire regrets how he’s treated her. However, these moments are over quickly and Lothaire immediately goes back to being a douche. So, by the end of the book, I hated him. I was actually hoping that Ellie would run off with Thad. Yeah, Lothaire had some really awful moments in his life and at first I did feel sympathy for what he went through, but as the story progressed (and he just kept getting worse) that sympathy died. He was horrendous to Ellie and he never atoned for his actions. In the final ten pages he finally comes around, but after 300 pages of him being a total arse, I needed a hell of a lot more than what we got to make me like him.

The saving grace for this book was Cole’s writing style and the heroine, Ellie. I love Cole’s use of mythology in this series. I also give her huge kudos for writing these books as if all each story is happening at the same time, or almost right on top of each other. I imagine that takes some serious effort. But the reason why I kept reading Lothaire was for Ellie. Ellie knows how to take care of herself. She was constantly scheming ways to escape from Lothaire and goes head-to-heaed with him quite a bit. By the end of the novel, I knew why Lothaire would develop feelings for Ellie, but I wish we could’ve seen more reasons why Ellie would love him.

I would recommend this to fans of the series who have read quite a few of the other Immortals After Dark books. However, if you haven’t read any of the other novels in this series, I would not start with this one.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Lothaire by Kresley Cole

  1. I skipped a whole lot of books in the middle, and read this one when it came out because of all the fuss. She took her cover model on the book tour! I’d forgotten how brutal some paranormal authors are to their characters…

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