Review: House of Many Shadows by Barbara Michaels


House of Many Shadows
 Barbara Michaels
Publish Date: 1974
Genre: Gothic Mystery
Series: N/A
Rating: A –

In House of Many Shadows, Meg Rittenhouse is having hallucinations after being hit by a car. Her doctor had told her to expect this and that they’ll eventually wear off. But after seeing an elephant strolling down a busy street in New York, Meg has decided to find somewhere more relaxing to live. So, she calls up her rich cousin, Sylvia, for help. Sylvia agrees that Meg needs help and offers to let her stay at the large Victorian house she owns in the country. But the house has a twisted history and suddenly Meg is having joint hallucinations with Sylvia’s step-son, Andy, about a family that lived on the grounds before the current house was even built.

Meg and Andy join together to discover who the people are in their visions and why there are shadows lurking around the house at night. As their research starts going deeper into what happened to the family who previously lived on the property, the hallucinations start becoming more real and revealing. The great thing about this book is that both Meg and Andy have had some issues that keeps you guessing if what they’re seeing is really paranormal or if they’re just feeding off of each other. 

I liked that the mystery of the visions isn’t the only thing that keeps the story moving. There’s Meg’s cataloging of the ancient furniture in the attic, which was oddly interesting to read about. There’s also Meg and Andy having to deal with their mutual frustration towards Sylvia, who isn’t exactly known for having a very warm personality. Then there’s the past tenant of the house, a cracked out painter, who is harassing Meg because he blames her for his being evicted.

Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a good mystery or ghost story.

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