Review: Colorado Kid by Stephen King

colorado kid

The Colorado Kid
Written by: Stephen King
Genre: Mystery
Published: 2005
Series: Standalone
Rating: C –

Don’t be fooled by the back cover of The Colorado KidIt advertises a mystery that follows two reporters and their female intern as they turn up new clues in an old mystery. What this book is really about is two reporters who sit around with their intern, telling her about the one time a dead body was found on the beach. The most exciting thing that happens in the story are descriptions of the characters’ occasional bathroom breaks.

The story isn’t very engaging. It’s comprised of nothing but dialog as the two reporters talk about the dead body. Honestly, it was kind of like attending a family reunion and having to politely listen to your uncle tell a long rambling story. My mind wandered a lot while reading this and I doubt I would have finished it, if it hadn’t only been 180 pages.

In the afterword, King explains the book and the story contained. He states that he wanted to write a mystery without a real beginning or ending to reflect how everything is not so clear cut in life. That sometimes things happen that we cannot explain and that life, in general, is one large mystery. I like the idea of this, but King failed in its execution. If you feel the need to explain your book and make excuses for it, then you have not successfully told your story. The book itself should raise these questions for the readers and make them think on their own.

All in all, this wasn’t the greatest book I’ve read by Stephen King, but it’s not entirely awful either. It’s just rather boring and fairly forgettable. In a few months, I’ll probably only remember The Colorado Kid as “the Stephen King book that was all tell and no show”.


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