Review: Suicide Squad, Vol 3: Death is for Suckers by Adam Glass

Suicide Squad 3

Suicide Squad, Vol 3: Death is for Suckers
Written By: Adam Glass
Illustrations By: Various
Publish Date: 2013
Genre: Comic
Rating: D +

Suicide Squad, vol 3: Death is for Suckers is the most disjointed volume in the series. I finished it yesterday on the bus, but I’d have a hard time giving you a coherent summary of what happens, except that there was a lot of fighting.

Nearly every page in this collection had characters just wailing on each other. The small bits of plot included were pretty vague and only served as an excuse for more fight scenes. At the beginning, there’s a semi-interesting story involving the Joker returning that ties in to the Death of the Family arc. But that was fairly short lived and mostly just an extended scene of Harley and the Joker beating each other to a pulp. It was also annoying because we’re told that Harley Quinn was only brought into the team as bait to get the Joker out of hiding. Seriously? The one female on the squad was only included because they wanted her boyfriend? If I hadn’t heard how much better this series gets in volume four, I definitely would have given up on it at that point. From there, the story devolves into more random fight scenes while the team tries to recover a “package” for Waller.

The most confusing aspect of this volume was how much emphasis was placed on the “relationship” between Harley and Deadshot. In the previous two volumes, they interacted very little except for one quick fling and to shoot the occasional threat at each other. So, I didn’t buy that that the Joker threatening to dismember Deadshot’s corpse would be a huge deal for Harley or that Joker’s taunts about him would have very much impact. I thought Deadshot was just some dude she had sex with once.

Overall, this collection wasn’t very good. Very little actually happens and we’re treated to some recycled material. Like the killings of a handful of characters we had already seen die in the series. Considering that this volume ends at issue 19, that’s verging pretty close to “Oh my god, they killed Kenny” territory with a few of these characters.

Despite this collection not being great, it still held my attention a lot better than the previous volume. I’ll be picking-up Suicide Squad, vol 4: Discipline and Punish, since I think things get better with a new writer behind the wheel.

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