Review: Never More by Dana Marie Bell

Never More

Never More
Written By: Dana Marie Bell
Series: Gray Court #6
Publish Date: May 26, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: C-

Never More is the sixth book in Dana Marie Bell’s Gray Court series.

As a favor to a close friend, Amanda Pierson agrees to be the planner for Robin Goodfellow’s wedding. As they tend to do, things quickly go wrong when the groom’s adult son, Raven, takes a shining to her.

The concept behind these characters is fun and I was fairly excited to read this since I had enjoyed Robin’s book and Raven’s role in it. However, this book dragged.

I’m not a huge fan of stories centered on weddings, but I thought I’d be safe with this one since there was the promise of an assassin plot. Unfortunately, the larger concentration was on the wedding and all the characters’ wacky hijinks. This wouldn’t have been so bad if the story didn’t suffer from including nearly every single main character from previous books into the storyline.

It’s usually a problem when romances do this because there’s typically no point to these characters’ inclusion. They don’t drive the plot forward and have no story arc of their own. So, they’re only there to show how deliriously happy they all are and to weigh the plot down. This was the case with this book and it was made worse by the lack of conflict between the main characters. There was a little hemming and hawing by Amanda about her developing relationship with Raven, but nothing that really lasted more than a couple of pages. There’s also very little drama that occurs around the side plot of the Dark Queen wanting to kill Raven. So unfortunately, this book was extremely slow moving.

I also had an issue with the amount of really awful jokes that are peppered throughout the dialog, which had me cringing. At one point the main character asks if Raven is going to stick his jalapeño in her enchilada.

Between the lack of conflict, abundance of side characters and corny jokes, this book wasn’t my cup of tea.

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