Review: Suicide Squad, Vol 2: Basilisk Rising

Suicide Squad Basilisk Rising

Suicide Squad, Vol. 2: Basilisk Rising
Written By: Adam Glass
Illustrations By: Federico Dallocchio
Publish Date: 2012
Genre: Comic
Rating: D+

Suicide Squad: Basilisk Rising picks-up in the aftermath of Harley Quinn’s jaunt through Gotham to retrieve what was left of the Joker. Deadshot is dealing with the emotional trauma of what Harley did to him and the rest of the team is getting crushed under Amanda Waller’s thumb for various reasons. When new information on the Basilisk organization comes to light, Waller recommissions everyone to help bring its leader down.

The first volume (Kicked in the Teethfocused mainly on Deadshot with the government portrayed as an underlying antagonist, willing to use convicts as expendable resources. Where I had issues with the astounding amount of cliches in the first volume, it at least had direction. Here… I’m not sure what they were trying to do.

In Basilisk Rising, the concentration shifts to Amanda Waller as she presses the team to discover which member is working for Basilisk. Personally, this didn’t work for me. For most of the series, Waller is painted as an antagonist to the squad. She’s the person who has them all under her thumb and would be happy to see every member on the squad die. She’s kind of insane, and not in a fun way. She has random bursts of violence and is a fairly vindictive person whose job is to play god with the squad. So, I really didn’t care enough about her character to read about her back-story. Especially when it’s main goal was to justify her actions and gain sympathy for the character.

Sitting through Waller’s back-story might not have been so bad, if the sections that concentrated on the actual squad weren’t so chaotic. These areas suffered from trying to do too many things at once, with a lot of characters, in a very short amount of time. Harley Quinn is given a split personality, Deadshot is dealing with PTSD, El Diablo thinks he’s divine justice, Yo-Yo is back, Light is dealing with her sister’s death and there are new characters up the wazoo.  On top of this, there’s the introduction of Regulus, the leader of Basilisk. All this going on at once made it hard to get invested in anything since no time was given to any one plot point.

Overall, this wasn’t a very good collection. Kicked in the Teeth at least had a couple of fun moments and a some inklings of potential for the series, but Basilisk Rising was just boring and often confusing. I plan to muscle through the next volume (which I hear is just as bad) because the series apparently gets better with volume 4.

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