Month in Review: January 2015

January was an excellent reading month for me. Out of the 16 books I read this month, I managed to write reviews for 9 of them. (Yay for hitting over half of them!) Below you will find short reviews for the other 9 books I read, links to the full reviews I wrote this month, and my challenge updates.

Total Books Read: 16
Book Reviews: 9

 Blood Wolf Dawning

Blood Wolf Dawning by Rhyannon Byrd
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Bloodrunners #7
Rating: D –
I like stories where people who are “fated” to be together initially reject their partner, so this one had sounded right up my alley. Five years ago, Cian Hennessey turned his back on the mate connection he felt toward Sayre Murphy. Now he’s back in town to protect Sayre from the very reason he had left her all those years ago. I just did not feel a connection to the main couple here. Sayre forgave Cian way to fast for my taste and Cian threw himself too many pity parties.

Wild Wolf

Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Shifters Unbound #6
Rating: C –
I really enjoyed the early books in this series and the premise of Graham’s book sounded interesting. Graham McNeil has always vowed to never take a human as his mate. Too bad he can’t seem to make himself end things with his human girlfriend and take a shifter mate like he promised his pack he would. I was a littlle disappointed with how everything played out in this addition to the series. Everything was a little too easy for Graham, which made reading this one a little boring.


Consumed by Suzanne Wright
Paranormal Romance
Deep in Your Veins #4
Wright is a bit of a hit or miss for me. I’ve really enjoyed a couple of her books and have felt a little so-so about her others. In this one, Ava Sanchez is surprised when serious Salem McCauley takes a liking to her. Despite her hesitations, she agrees to start a relationship with him. Problems arise when Salem’s sire and two people from his past start stirring-up trouble. This was alright. I enjoyed the main characters and the plot surrounding illegal brothels. However, I wish the characters would’ve toned down the flippancy a little.

 tales of the otherworld

Tales of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Otherworld Anthology #2
Rating: A –
I had read most of the stories in this anthology a long time ago and they’re all pretty awesome. I had mostly returned to this collection to read the story “Case of El Chupacabra”, which features Lucas and Paige as they investigate a possible vampire kill and deal with Lucas’s scheming father. I enjoyed seeing Paige and Lucas work together, but the mystery behind the vampire kill was a little boring.

lizard aid

Alice in the Country of Clover: The Lizard Aide by QuinRose
Genre: Manga
Series: Alice in the Country of Clover
Rating: C
A one shot manga set in the Country of Clover centered on Alice’s relationship with assassin turned personal assistant, Gray Ringmarc. The stand-alones for this series haven’t worked very well for me. This one was the worst of the bunch. Aside from feeling rushed it was also extremely disjointed. Still, I enjoyed seeing familiar characters and going back to the mafia version of Wonderland.


Blood in the Water by Cleo Peitsche
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Shark Shifter #4
Rating: C +
This is a series you cannot read out of order since they’re dealing with one central story and each one ends on a cliff-hanger. Koenraad is a shark shifter trying to locate his missing son who is trapped in his shifted form. Distraction comes in the surprise of Monroe who knows nothing about shifters until Koenraad walks into her life. I was really hoping that this would be the last installment to the series, but unfortunately it looks like Peitsche plans on dragging things out for another book or two. I’m undecided if I’ll continue with this series.


Reforming the Rock Star by Christine Bell
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Head Over Heels #2
Rating: C +
I’ve heard a lot of good things about Christine Bell, so I decided to give one of her books a shot. Sydney Metcalf has been asked to cater for one of her best friends weddings. Now all she has to do is avoid the best man and well known rock star, Lazlo Stone, until the wedding. This was a cute story with an interesting cast of characters. I just wish there had been a little more conflict towards the end as things began to drag a bit.

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