Lord’s Fall


Lord’s Fall
Author: Thea Harrison
Published: 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Elder Races #5
Rating: C –

Lord’s Fall is book 5 in Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series. Having read this book, I am officially all caught-up with this series. Originally, I had no intention of reading Lord’s Fall, but after enjoying Pia Saves the Day, I decided to give it a shot.

Newly mated couple, Pia and Dragos must divide and conquer if they hope to make amends with the elves and find two replacement sentinels for the Wyr demesne. Since Dragos is the reason for the elves hostility, it’s Pia who takes on the peace mission. Issues arise when someone gets their hands on a god machine and goes on an elf murdering/possessing spree.

Honestly, this was boring. Harrison is at her best when she concentrates primarily on relationship conflicts between people. When she focuses too much on political conflict, or tries to build-up to a war, it doesn’t work for me. Things always seem too easy for the protagonists when she goes for the political/war plot. This was the case here since the minute Dragos reconnects with Pia , I knew how the rest of the story was going to play out. There were no real surprises and the characters barely had any struggles.

What kept me reading were the brief flashes of conflict between the characters. I liked seeing Pia and Dragos struggle for balance in their relationship and Pia shakily begin to trust her guards. However, it wasn’t enough to make me interested in reading about the couple any further than this.

Unless you really adored Pia and Dragos in Dragon Bound, I wouldn’t recommend Lord’s Fall.

3 thoughts on “Lord’s Fall

  1. O.O I didn’t know this series already has five books! I tried Dragon Bound not too long ago and thought it was okay, but the male was seriously too alpha for my tastes lol. It feels weird that they’re still in that rocky ground in their relationship even if it’s already Book 5! It’s something I’d expect maybe in Book 2, but in Book 5, I’d want there to be other conflicts in the relationship than the usual trust issues.

    Faye at The Social Potato

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    • Yes! I had the same issue with Dragos in Dragon Bound. However, he’s a lot more toned down here.

      And I know! I can’t believe that book 8 in this series comes out this year! The series have been switching to a lot of different characters for all the books. (Like book 2 follows Tiago) So, the issues in Pia and Dragos’ relationship make sense in this one because they’ve only been together for about 7 months at the start of this book. 🙂


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