Oracle’s Moon


Oracle’s Moon
Author: Thea Harrison
Publish Date: 2012
Series: Elder Races #4
Rating: B+

Oracle’s Moon is book 4 in Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series. When her sister died, Grace inherited the family’s Oracle powers along with her sister’s two young children. Grace can barely afford to keep the children fed and hates having powers that constantly bring people to her door asking for something. On top of this, she has to deal with the Dijinn, Kahlil, constantly materializing in her house expecting that she’ll recognize his presence as a gift.

I was thrilled with how much I loved this one since the previous two books in the series didn’t really work for me. Grace was definitely the highlight of this story. She was strong, independent, and not bitter about the new direction her life has taken. Most of all, I loved that Grace never let Kahlil run roughshod over her. She had enough sense to recognize that his help could be beneficial, but didn’t blindly follow his wishes.

My only issue with the story was that I didn’t quite understand why Kahlil and Grace were attracted to each other. The romance evolved quickly in the last half of the novel, which threw things out of whack. The first half of the story had a slow burning attraction between Grace and Kahlil. I adored this and could’ve seen it eventually turning into love. However, at the halfway mark their relationship went into hyper-drive and suddenly they were confessing love for each other. I would’ve been happy if Harrison had left their relationship at the attraction stage with the potential for something more and just planned to explore Grace and Kahlil as a couple in a future book. This also would’ve had the bonus of letting Kahlil’s character mature a bit more to the point where it would be believable that he would pursue a relationship with Grace.

Despite this, I still really enjoyed the story. I’m hoping that eventually Thea Harrison goes back to re-vist this couple (I’m so tired of Pia and Dragos) in a future book.

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