Captive Bride


Captive Bride

Author: Katharine Ashe

Publish Date: 2012

Series: Stand-Alone

Genre: Historical Romance

Rating: C+

Captive Bride is a ghost story that is heavier on the historical romance side than the paranormal. After receiving a letter from her twin brother, Beatrice travels to a remote estate to help him get out of his newest mess. Accompanied by her two aunts and Lord Peter Cheriot, she discovers that her brother’s mention of a ghost were not false.

For all intents and purposes, I probably shouldn’t have enjoyed this book as much as I did. The terms of the ghost’s curse were pretty clichéd. Basically, the ghost must marry a maiden to free himself from the curse. So, any maiden who crosses the threshold of the estate gets trapped in the castle. You know where the story is leading in this regard. Ashe did put a small spin on the plot but it still generally ended in the same place I originally thought it would. Despite this, I still really enjoyed the journey.

All in all, Captive Bride was a solid book. I will definitely look into some of Ashe’s other novels in the future.

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