Fair Game


Fair Game

Author: Patricia Briggs

Publish Date: 2012

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Series: Alpha and Omega #3

Rating: A-

Fair Game is the third book in Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series. In this addition, Charles is struggling with how brutal the axe-man role has gotten now that people know werewolves exist. After Bram and Anna recognize how much Charles is struggling, it’s decided that he should go with Anna to assist in solving a spree of murders. Bram and Anna both hope that by giving Charles an opportunity to help people, rather than act as executioner, will help him overcome his struggle.

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the previous books in the series, but it was still a great addition. My main problem was that too much time had passed in Anna and Charles’ world between Hunting Ground and this one. In Hunting Ground, Anna was really struggling with her past and her new place in Charles’ life. At the end of that book, there were still a lot of emotional issues that Anna needed to overcome. As Fair Game opens, it looks like Anna has solved all those issues off-page. Suddenly she’s confident enough to not only face-off with Bram (the alpha) but to argue with him while he’s in a rage. I was thrown by this because it’s a huge difference from Anna in the first two books. In Hunting Ground, she couldn’t even sit in the same room with alpha wolves. Now she can stand her ground against one of the most powerful ones out there. This huge leap in Anna’s progress made it feel like I somehow missed a short story or novel that would explain where this new confidence came from.

Aside from the sudden change in Anna’s mental state, I really loved the story-line here. It was great to see Anna get to be the stable one in the relationship and Charles be vulnerable when in the previous books it was the other way around.  This gave a feeling of equality and balance to their relationship. The side-characters were also intriguing, especially in regards to the ending. I’m looking forward to seeing where Briggs will take this series with Dead Heat (book 4) which comes out March 3rd 2015.

3 thoughts on “Fair Game

  1. I love these books! I agree that it’s a bit startling to see how much time has passed and how much more confident Anna is in this one, but once I adapted to that, I ended up loving this book too. I really enjoy Charles and Anna’s relationship, and I’m so excited that there’s a 4th book coming! Do you read the Mercy books as well?


    • I know! I’m curious how much time will have lapsed for the pair in the upcoming book. Hopefully not as much.

      I actually haven’t tried any of the Mercy books yet. I did pick-up one from the bookstore recently though. So, i’ll read that one soon. 🙂


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