Food: A Love Story


Food: A Love Story

Author: Jim Gaffigan

Read by: Jim Gaffigan

Publish Date: 2014

Rating: C

I prefer to listen to, rather than read, books that are written by comedians or actors. Mostly because I believe you get more out of the material when you listen to performers read their writing out-loud. This was definitely true with Food: A Love Story.

Listening to Gaffigan read this book was a treat. His inflection and delivery of the material was what kept things interesting when he started giving breakdowns of every fast-food chain he could think of. If I hadn’t gotten this on audio, I probably would’ve put it down as the content often got a little dull.

The parts of this book that were truly interesting were when Gaffigan talked about how different foods or restaurants related to him personally. Listening to his nostalgia over the places he has taken his kids and the shared family dinners of his childhood were fantastic and I wish he would’ve concentrated on stories like this. Instead, the book centered on his observations of different food joints/food types and these jokes often felt a little cliched. They were the same things I’ve heard my co-workers say when someone mentions getting Taco Bell, eating bacon, or traveling to Wisconsin. This made portions of the book drag.

All in all, it wasn’t horrible but not something I would chose to pick-up to read. It’s a good book to listen to if you happen be going on a road-trip or are looking something to listen to at work that won’t take too much of your attention.

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